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Top 10 GABA Benefits
Posted by Srithaimai Rice

Top 10 GABA Benefits

GABA is one of the most widely discussed natural health treatments on the market right now. Many people are unfamiliar with GABA and its various usages. This article will provide a brief insight into ten of the top benefits resulting from taking a GABA supplement.
1. GABA Benefits for Anxiety
Anxiety is one of the most widely spread modern inflictions and is often linked with the pressures of contemporary living. Some people have situational anxiety triggered by a particular situation. These situations may include –

  •     Being in confined spaces
  •     Meeting new people
  •     Carrying out activities in public

Other people have a more generalised form of anxiety which is persistent in spite of the external situation the person is in.

The scientific explanation for GABA’s ability to lessen anxiety is due to its properties as an inhibitory neurotransmitter. It is able to stop the actions of various brain chemicals which are especially active in people suffering from anxiety.

2. Treating Depression with GABA
Depression is related to anxiety insofar as it is a condition which is incredibly prevalent and also often hard to detect. Depression manifests itself in various ways depending on the individual but some of its most common symptoms include low mood, lack of energy and a feeling of sadness.

There are many different causes of depression but many instances of the affliction originate due to a person’s brain chemistry being out of synch. GABA is able to help with some people’s depressive conditions due to its ability to promote a healthy mix of brain chemicals and to inhibit those which are linked to mood disorders such as depression.

3. GABA and Weight Loss
Unlike depression or anxiety, obesity, or being severely overweight, is a far more visible problem but no less common. Obesity and excess body weight are responsible for a host of other conditions such as higher blood pressure, cancer and diabetes.
There are several ways in which a GABA supplement is able to assist in a person’s efforts to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. These include –

  •     GABA acts as a biochemical precursor to Human Growth Hormone
  •     GABA aids sleep which is essential for weight loss
  •     GABA can improve mood and prevent psychological causes of overeating

GABA has the above range of benefits but is not a wonder drug and does not allow people to consume whatever they wish without exercising and still lose or maintain weight.

4. Difficulty Falling Asleep
GABA is able to aid healthier and more restful sleep in a number of ways. One of which is reducing the time and difficulty people experience before falling asleep.

Taking excess amounts of time or finding drifting off difficult are very common sleep problems. GABA is able to increase natural levels of brain chemicals which promote relaxation and stress relief and also inhibit brain chemicals which promote stress and restlessness. This allows a person to drift off to sleep more easily than they would otherwise be able to.

5. Fix Poor Sleep Quality with GABA Supplements
GABA’s ability to not only reduce the difficulty a person experiences in falling asleep but also improve the quality of rest they experience after drifting off is due to the same biochemical effect. By increasing levels of desirable neurotransmitters in the brain and inhibiting chemicals linked to stress, GABA helps a person experience a deeper, more restful sleep. This leaves people feeling more energised and mentally sharp the next day.

6. Improved Mental Focus
The inability to focus, think clearly and remember basic things is common. Cognitive problems such as the aforementioned can be caused by a number of issues. Aging, stress and nutritional intake can all impact a person’s cognitive clarity.

A scientific study was conducted in Japan which measured the effects of a group’s performance in a cognitive task when taking GABA against the performance of a control group taking a placebo substance. The results showed measurable and demonstrable increases in both subjective and objective mental focus in the GABA group, whereas the placebo group showed higher levels of stress on tests conducted after the task.

7. Sexual Functioning
A lack of sexual desire or ability is a common problem and can be attributed to a number of causes. These include –
  •     Inadequate nutrition
  •     Excess levels of stress
  •     Poor sleep
  •     Low levels of GABA present in the brain
GABA supplementation is able to counteract several of the above issues. GABA can help reduce a person’s stress levels, which in turn leads to higher levels of desire and ability. GABA can also aid with restful sleep which is essential for correct levels of sexual hormones in both men and women. Finally, if the root cause of sexual dysfunction is simply a lack of GABA present in the brain, taking a GABA supplement is one of the fastest ways to remedy the situation.

8. Lessens Signs of Aging
Both men and women are increasingly image-conscious and signs of aging such as wrinkles are some of the most dreaded appearances in a modern person’s life. GABA can assist in the battle against the signs of aging by –
  •     Lowering stress
  •     Promoting healthy sleep
  •     Being applied topically to the skin
Stress and bad sleep are two of the major factors contributing to people’s aging. GABA is able to aid both problems. GABA can also be applied topically to the skin which works by enhancing the skin’s natural elasticity and ability to contract. This decreases the appearance of wrinkles. Over time the GABA is absorbed into the muscle tissues, leading to an incremental benefit.

9. Better Side-Effects than Alternatives
It is not true to say that GABA is totally free from side-effects. It is however true to say that GABA side-effects are relatively mild and almost only ever experienced in the event of overdose. The side-effects associated with excess GABA are far less severe than side-effects associated with alternatives such as –
  •     Valium
  •     Benzodiazepines
  •     Prescription anti-depressants

10. No Addiction Troubles
Addiction is a common problem for people either self-medicating or taking prescription drugs to treat one of the above health issues. As GABA is natural it is non-addictive and free from the withdrawal effects that accompanies other treatments. This is due to the fact that GABA is naturally occurring within the brain and a supplementation is remedying a deficit rather than doing anything unnatural.

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